Rentals add flare to your event or party and are a great addition to any balloon order. From decorative walls and arches to backdrops and accent chairs, rentals bring a little something extra to your event, making it unique. We provide installation, set up and removal for all rental items.

Balloon Garlands & Balloon Walls

Pricing- Balloon Garlands start at $15/ ft for 5"-16" balloons

$25/ ft for Grand Garlands for 5"- 36" Balloons

We also offer custom balloon colors and double-stuffed balloons. We have the option to add decorative mylar balloons, confetti balloons, numbers, letters or orbz.

Balloons Walls- $15 per sq. ft.

Balloon walls are constructed using 5"-30" balloons. This type of design includes up to eight specialty balloons such as decorative mylars, number or metallic orbz. 

Example: 6' x 6' = 36 Sq Ft. x $15 = $540

Minimum Length- 4 ft

Minimum Length for Delivery- 10 ft

Order Balloon Wall


Our helium bouquets can be ordered in advance online or in-store at our downtown Daphne location, 1809 Main Street.

Our minimum delivery for helium bouquets is $75. 

11" Latex balloon - $3

11" Specialty latex balloon (chrome, tie-dye, animal print, etc.) - $4

16" Latex balloon $7

24" Latex balloon with helium, string and balloon weight - $25

24" Balloon with confetti - $35

36" Balloon with helium, string and balloon weight - $35

36" Balloon with confetti - $45

Balloon personalization - $15

Single tissue tassel - $4

Jumbo tissue tassel - $15

Quicklink tassel - $2 ft

Paper/ribbon streamer tails - $10

Mylar foil fringe tails - $10